Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Free Virtual Visit, sorry no food.

For anyone interested in following the progress of our latest restaurant design project. I have put together a disc which includes a 3D model of the project in progress, a viewer program that will enable you to walk around the virtual restaurant, and the ever so important "ReadMe" file to explain how it all works.

I will be more than happy to send an email friendly version of the disc, FREE of charge to anyone who requests a copy. Interested?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just how does it work?

I have had many questions in my email about how the design process actually works. The video shown is a basic breakdown of the process. Please email me for specifics on how this can work for your particular project. I'll be more than happy to detail the process for your needs.
NEXT: a continuation of the post "Playing the Numbers".

Playing the Numbers

Reviewing a history of the past few years, marking the openings and closings of restaurants in Wilmington, the city in which I reside and design for.
I was quite surprised by the actual game of numbers

The following numbers were compiled from information provided by "Dine Wilmington Online" the best source for anything and everything food related in Wilmington and growing to cover all of the U.S.

In 2006, 47 new restaurants opened. 10 of which replaced restaurants that had previously closed.
2 of these listed as new were enlarged versions from prior to 2006. and 3 were the opening of a second location. and finally 7 of these 47 new restaurants were built in a brand new and exclusive section of town called Mayfaire. (remember this name).

Also note, 6 of these restaurants were designed by myself.

In 2007, 20 restaurants closed. of these 8 had opened just the year before.
1 was from Mayfaire (brand new building, built from the ground up).
3 were in an area undergoing massive road construction.

Also note, 1 of these was designed by myself, ouch!

Meanwhile during this same period of 2007 28 new restaurants opened.
6 of these restaurants took over the properties vacated by the 20 that just closed.
1 was opening as a new second location. 1 was added to the Mayfaire property.

Also note, 1 was designed by myself.

In 2008, 13 restaurants closed. of these 4 had been open for only 2 years.
5 were from the exclusive Mayfaire Properties.

Also note, 0 of these were designed by myself.

During this same period of 2008, 19 new restaurants had opened to the public.
Of these 4 have since closed, of these 4, one was a Mayfaire property.

Also note, of these 19 new restaurants, 3 were designed by myself.

As the economy took it's downturn in 2009 the information became quite sketchy. But let's take a look at the numbers we have and what they could mean.

2006- 47 open
10 previously closed
Total 37 new restaurants added to the city.
2007 20 close
Total 17 remain of the 2006 entries
28 new were added
Total 45
2008 13 closed
32 remain from the 2006 entries
19 new restaurants open
Total 51
4 closed
Total 47 restaurants remain from the 2006 entries.

There are several hundred restaurants in the Wilmington area, but just running the numbers for the past three years shows absolutely no change in restaurant counts up till 2009. as I research the new numbers, we shall see what is actually happening.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Restaurants and the Economy

As the current economy wreaks havoc with the hospitality industry I have seen more and more of our local restaurant industry close it's doors. this may seem to some as a death knell for the dream of owning the restaurant of your dreams, but taking a closer look, there is financial opportunity for the taking along every busy thoroughfare.
Restaurants by nature always seek out the prime locations. the previous owners have left behind in these locations the perfect shell for a new restaurant transformation. The incredible infrastructure that had to be built and put into place, ie; proper plumbing, drainage, waste traps, ADA sized restroom facilities, industrial heating and air. vent hoods, fire suppression and the like have already been installed. Once a restaurant has closed, the infrastructure contained within makes it highly unlikely that the building will ever be converted into, let's say, an office. with the mortgage lenders holding so many of these properties, real deals are available out there for buildings that can more easily and less expensively be re-transformed into a winning restaurant, than trying to convert any other type of building, let alone the expensive task of building from the ground up.
Adding to this is the decline in the cost of building materials, The economics of Lowes & Home Depot. Now is the optimal time to consider your plan into restaurant ownership, seek out closed locations that will suit your purpose. contact the mortgage lender and begin a rapport they may be holding other properties with better deals. contact a designer and discuss your plans. generally transformations and simple upfits do not require the expense of an architect or engineer. Getting all of your ducks in a row now, will place you in a better position as the economy makes it's inevitable turn to a more normal state.